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it's Summer Camp time! Our school offers a full day camp experience for your child that is equally educational as it is exciting and fun! Our program is designed to meet each child's needs, based on age appropriate and self-confidence building activities while being in a safe, positive, and motivational camp environment.

We will have multiple field trips each week, as well as, motivational Martial Arts classes, constructive games, kid's movies, arts and crafts. When your child attends King Tiger Taekwondo Summer camp program you can feel confident that while you are working, your child is in the hands of people that are well trained and truly care. King Tiger Summer Camp is the best character-building program for your child this summer. King Tiger Taekwondo Washington presents a productive and safe environment designed to develop future leaders and help them reach their full potential through Taekwondo Summer Camp.

King Tiger Taekwondo Winterville utilizes martial arts training to help your child build:

  • character
  • discipline
  • respect, and
  • better fitness

for real world success.

You can have peace of mind, knowing that your child will receive a full day of fun and educational activities at our Taekwondo Summer Camp. You’ll be impressed with the character building results you will see from their daily Taekwondo class.

Martial arts training empowers children with confidence and focus to become better academic students with great study habits, which leads to better grades. The respect your child gains for self and others will show up at home, at school, and wherever they go King Tiger  Summer Camp at King Tiger Taekwondo Washington can deliver the results you are looking for, so it’s the best investment for your child’s future.

If you register early, you can split your payments up. So, register today!

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Summer Camp rates are as follows. If your child is not currently enrolled at King Tiger Taekwondo and its After School Camp, a registration fee of $60.00 will be required in order to secure his or her place. ( The registration fee includes one Summer camp t-shirts,)

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We will contact you to set up a convenient time for your first Lesson. Please prepare some comfortable clothes and get ready for the most fun workout you’ve ever had!

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